The To
rPUSHED, Book One in the Torn Series
Trauma nurse Leila Matthews is about to meet the one man who can tear through her emotional defenses, but the billionaire playboy will have a harder time winning her heart than her body. 

Sexy, emotional and intense, Pushed, book one in the Torn series, begins the saga of Brody, Leila, and Jaxon. 
Nurse Leila Matthews has seen it all, or so she thought until this morning. Into the chaos of her trauma ward walked a man more intense than anything she has ever known. His smile tore away all her defenses, and his kiss ignited flames damped for far too long—and a knowledge that such dangerous ripples are only the beginning. 
Brody Davis is anything but safe. Wealthy, handsome, and unrepentantly single, the billionaire’s first priority is himself…and the pleasure of every woman he’s sure to leave. Yet his best friend’s baby sister is temptation itself. If any female could make him stay, it would be Leila, whose sweet lips and sweeter flesh push him to be better than he believes he can. He desires a quick conquest. The battle for Leila’s heart is yet to be fought. And he is not the only combatant. 

PULLED, Book Two in the Torn Series
Leila faces life without Brody there to support her. As hard as that is, she comes to the realization that she is going to be a single mom. He walked away and left her to pick up the pieces. 

Jaxon comes to her rescue in New York. Will that be the opening he's been waiting for? Or will Leila be forever shattered by Brody's betrayal? 

Brody walks away when Leila shares her unexpected news. But why? He claims to love her so fiercely. So what in his past has scarred him so deeply that he’s willing to give up on his own child? Will he comes to his senses? Or will he wait until it's too late to save his relationship with Lei? 

Will Leila go it alone? Or will she be pulled in by love again? 

******This book is intended for mature audiences******

TORN, Book Three in the Torn Series

Torn between two powerful men who adore her, ER nurse Leila Matthews has found the love of her life...but the road to happily-ever-after is paved with betrayal, secrets, and dead bodies.


For ER nurse Leila Matthews, life has never been easy. Her father turned his back on their family and her mother died young. Her cop brother’s near fatal gunshot wound brought Brody Davis into her life, the handsome CEO who promised her the world but left her pregnant with his child. Enter Jaxon Henderson, the sexy-as-sin VP of the local MC. Friend first, he has become the great love of her life. Tall, handsome, golden, his passion is matched only by his possessive and protective nature. But Jaxon has dark secrets, and his deception tests Leila’s love to its core.

Jaxon Henderson knows three things: He loves Leila Matthews more than anything, he's lied to her, and he’s sworn to secrecy about the danger and violence that gathers on the horizon. To keep Leila safe, he must tell her all, but full disclosure has a price, and that price may just be everything.